Battle Of Plague – Plague Coming

Battle of Plague is a new real time SLG. Be the only warrior of your base and use the newest technology to create a scaring and biochemical armada to conquer the world! Challenge other multiplayers in a fast strategic battle and destroy their bases with the raw might and your mastery of magic!

Prepare yourself for an exciting world! Join Battle Of Plague NOW!

Battle Of Plague Features

Strengthen your base and get ready for war, you are the government of your own.
Research bacteria, virus, contagion and other pandemics and use them in your army.
Build a strong biochemical army and be their master for any bullying.
Invade your enemy and spread your territory.
Battle with players from all over the world and take their Trophies.
Conquer your enemies and occupy resource works with different creatures & strategies.
Raise your army with zombies,Apes, Worms and Aliens.
Experience an special war with the unique sounds and music.
Upgrade your command to make more creatures in your army.

Manage your base, build your army and fight in this Monument Wars now!


Platform: IOS & Android
Genre: Strategy