War Heart: Best RPG in 2015 with your favorite characters

Fight side by side with your favorite characters and draws hordes of demon to flight in one of the best modern RPG-games. Fate brought fighters of your squad, and they are willing to do anything to bring you victory and military glory!

Do not miss the chance to try this sensational RPG for FREE! Learn new spells and show the other players what you can do. Together you invade the land of demons and forever will cover himself with glory Battle!

War Heart Features

Recruit countless heroes;
Pump the best of his characters that they were your squad into battle;
To defeat hordes of monsters and become a true leader of his party!
Gear pump over his characters to give them better weapons and armor;
Choose the strategy of combat, allowing his characters deliver to smithereens any opponent;
To develop the unique skills of their heroes in the best traditions of MMORPG-games.
Learn new spells to strengthen the protection of his party;
Create an invincible squad, capable of saving the world;
Find out what is best characters interact with one another and combine them in the battle against evil.
Prove its strength in the battles in the arena and the Coliseum;
Join the guild and participate in battles with the forces of real players.



Platform: IOS & Android
Genre: RPG