Pocket River Experiences the GMGDC
Posted by Pocket River News Center in September 24, 2014

Today, September 24th, marked the beginning of the 2014 Global Mobile Game Developers Conference in Chengdu China. Chengdu, being the leading tech city in southwest China, showcased the biggest mobile game developers conference in China. With over 5000 industry professionals and over 800 companies in attendance, the conference strives to achieve their goal of "Enabling Success" by giving developers and affiliates the tools and resources to be successful in the ever-growing mobile game market.

GMGDC 2014

The GMGDC, for the two day event, boasted over a hundred different speakers from over 20 countries, which include top executives from leading companies, the top developers in China, indie developers and publishers as well as a plethora of investors, distributors, advertising platforms and e-payment providers. Whether you have a small company or an established brand, there are resources that will interest you at this year's conference.

Pocket River had the honor of sending representatives from the business development, marketing and promotion team to help make our company greater and bring more exciting features and games to our players and affiliates. This conference allowed our company to network with the leading faces in the mobile market for the region, and created new ideas and enhance existing strategies to be successful. With knowledge in hand, we here at Pocket River are excited what the future holds for the rest of 2014 and beyond.

Pocket River Business Developing Contact

If you are a game developer with amazing games that you want to publish world-wide, please send an email to biz@pocketriver.com.

Supplemental Information

Chengdu has more developers based in the city than anywhere in China. It is an established mobile and high-tech manufacturing hub. In addition, some of the top iOS developers are located in this city so it was the most natural setting to hold this conference.